Coconut Bowls and Wooden Spoons Set

Natural, Hand-Crafted, Vegan-Friendly, Salad, Smoothie or Buddha Bowl and Kitchen Utensils

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About this item
UP-CYCLED AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Normally discarded as trash, these coconut shells get a second life as beautiful, nature-inspired serving bowls.
CONNECT WITH NATURE: Create healthy smoothie bowls, buddha bowls, salads, acai bowls, keto bowls, desserts, and more! Use as planters or organizing trays to give a touch of nature to your decor.
INSTAGRAM-WORTHY: These beautiful coconut bowls will take your Instagram page to the next level. Show off your latest creation in these gorgeous bowls!
100% NATURAL: These all-natural, hand-crafted, vegan-friendly bowls have a polished finish for easy cleaning. Our serving set comes complete with four all-natural, color-coordinated Ebony wood spoons. No plastics or chemicals.
RECYCLABLE, GIFT-READY PACKAGING: The 2 Coconut Bowls with Wooden Spoons set comes in a craft paper gift box, with plastic-free, recyclable packaging. The perfect gift for your eco-conscious friends and loved ones.


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